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With forty years’ in-depth experience in the Tobacco Industry, Ambrosden Leaf’s owner Mike Collins has a long established passion for Tobacco.

Ambrosden Leaf was founded in 2008 on core principles of integrity, product knowledge, trust and expertise across the industry underlined by a service of transparency, efficiency and reliability.

It is evolving as a family-run enterprise dedicated to upholding these core values and principles with recent expansion dedicated to enhanced teamwork and communication — to ensure it stays up-to-date with current trends and is always internationally compliant.

The Company has vast Global reach with close integrity-based relationships directly with growers and suppliers which have established good agricultural, child labour and traceability programmes — directed at helping to improve the welfare and the environment of local communities.

Ambrosden Leaf offers a variety of Tobacco types in different formats, including mainstream by-products, Cres and DIET. It can source and supply sustainable deliveries of tobacco and products competitively priced to meet the requirements of individual customers.

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